The Quick Guide To: 500k Views Per Month And Beyond - Pro

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This is a Pinterest guide to help you reach your monthly view goals, increase traffic to your website, and help you make pins that people will actually want to click! This guide will give you the building blocks you need to create a sustainable growth pattern on Pinterest so you too can reach upwards of 500k+ views per month or more! You will gradually and steadily see results if you follow my guide and remain consistent.

I also highly recommend checking out my add-ons which will provide even more value to you. These add-ons were designed to help you manage your content, create visually appealing pins, and stay on task each day with your Pinterest goals.

The amount you can grow your Pinterest account is amazing when you get consistent and have a solid strategy.

I went from 26k monthly viewers several months ago...which I thought was okay!

To over 1

million monthly views today! All by applying a consistent Pinterest strategy.

You too can see this level of growth or more! Anyone can use Pinterest to their advantage!

Simply follow this guide and apply the techniques from it daily. Remain consistent and you can see incredible growth over time.

What's included with this guide?

This new and improved guide now comes with several bonus items bundled into one! 

You will get...

The Quick Guide To: 500k Views Per Month And Beyond - Pro

This guide will walk you through the entire process of optimizing your Pinterest account, organizing boards, using keywords in your descriptions, and tons more. This guide will ultimately set you up for success on Pinterest which will help you grow your blog or business.

How To Efficiently And Quickly Make Pins Mini Guide

This mini guide is actually more full and thorough than it sounds. Packed into this guide is an entire detailed step by step process of how to pin efficiently and quickly based on my own process. You can see exactly what I do and how I do it with picture images.

A Printable Scheduled Pins Planner 

This printable scheduled pins planner is my own custom planner that I use every day to keep track of my scheduled pins and content. I've made this available to you so that you can follow along with my quick pinning strategy for batch creation.

A Printable Weekly Blog Planner & Pinterest Checklist

These are simple tools to help you stay organized with your blog content as well as Pinterest optimization. I like to physically track my monthly blog work on paper so I don't have to depend entirely on digital backup. 

Access To 10 Pin Templates (For Canva Only)

Gain access to 10 pin templates that I've made for you to use and edit how you like. These are a bonus to the bundle, but can only be used on Canva. Make a copy of the pin templates and do with them what you like! Enjoy!

Start Excelling With Pinterest Now Rather Than Later!

This is a lot of value packed into this one guide bundle because I really want you to succeed with Pinterest! 

Don't wait to get started. The sooner you get going with a good Pinterest strategy, the sooner you can see results. 

Get started now!

*All results are based on the effort you put it.*

I want this!

Maximum Value Provided In One Condensed Guide! + Helpful Addons For Added Growth

Straight Forward
No Time Wasting!
Actionable Information
Get Started Right Away!
Applies To Pinterest's Latest Algorithm
Pin Creation
Learn To Create Clickable Visually Appealing Pins
Board Optimization
Fix And Optimize Your Boards For Search
Better Descriptions
Learn To Create Eye-Catching Pin Descriptions
Learn The Proper Use Of Hashtags For Pin Descriptions
When To Pin
Learn The Best Times To Pin & How Often
Efficient Pin Strategies
Learn How To Easily Create Tons Of Pins
Keep Track Of Scheduled Pins
Never Lose Track Of How Often You're Pinning
And so much more!


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The Quick Guide To: 500k Views Per Month And Beyond - Pro

2 ratings
I want this!